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Child Protection

At HRPC we aim to see people become faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and to create a safe environment for Children, Young People and Leaders.

At HRPC we aim to provide a safe environment where children and young people may enjoy social contact, personal and spiritual development. Adults selected to work within youth ministries should be secure in the knowledge that they have the full support of the Kirk Session.

The Kirk Session of Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church has adopted The Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s Child Protection Guidelines approved by the General Assembly and revised 2011. The Youth Subcommittee of the Kirk Session oversee the monitoring and implementation of the Policy. 

The full policy booklet can be downloaded from here.

All organisations involving young people i.e. under 18 years of age must adhere to these guidelines as agreed by the General Assembly in 2008.

A copy of the guidelines will be held in the church office and church halls.  All leaders in charge and leaders can access the full guidelines online at www.takingcareguidelines.org 

Each leader will have a copy HRPC’s policy document and a copy of PCI’s ‘We Care 4 U too’ leaflet for personal information and reference.

Any outside organisation using the church facilities are expected to either have their own policy or to abide by HRPC’s policy.

Designated Persons

The Kirk Session has appointed two Designated Persons (Mr Terry McNulty and Mrs Bella Agnew) who will provide consultation, advice and support to organisations and to the Kirk Session on matters concerning the welfare of children and young people. Any matter brought to the attention of the Designated Persons will be treated in the strictest confidence. Information will be divulged only where there is a legitimate need to know.


All leaders working with children/young people within our organisations will have completed the following training in child protection issues:

  1. All leaders will be required to complete an application form for leaders.
  2. The application form includes the vetting process according to legislation and good practice.
  3. All leaders must watch the online video training which can be accessed at www.hrpc.org.uk, before their interview.  (See below)
  4. All leaders must read the ‘We Care 4 U Too’ leaflet access the Taking care guidelines at www.takingcareguidelines.org
  5. The Child Protection Policy and associated information will be provided before the interview.
  6. The Kirk session will appoint up to two interviewers to interview the applicant.
  7. Any leader with a break in leadership service of more than two years will be required to re–submit to the selection procedure.
  8. Applicants will be required to provide two references by persons who are not relatives.
  9. At the discretion of the Minister or the Conveners of children or youth subcommittee, a young person who is acting as a helper in an organisation will be asked to submit an application form and attend an interview.
  10. The Leader in Charge must report any concerns regarding new leaders within the first six months of appointment. The leader will automatically be approved after six months unless the Leader in Charge has reported any concerns.
  11. A letter of approval will be sent to the church office from the Taking Care office.
  12. All Leaders must be retrained every 3 years.
  13. All leaders must adhere to our policy and procedures at all times.

For further information or advice on child protection please contact the church office on tel: 91473213 or email