Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church

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As a Presbyterian congregation, HRPC is governed by a group of elders appointed from within the Church Family to take responsibility for the spiritual oversight of the congregation. Collectively the elders are known as the Kirk Session.

The Kirk Session is arranged into a number of sub–committees, which have responsibility for various ministries in our church family. The sub committees and their remits are:


Provides oversight and direction to our children’s ministry.


Provides oversight and direction to our youth ministry.


Seeks to encourage the congregation in local outreach by providing training and through organising outreach courses, initiatives and events.


Seeks to encourage the congregation in global mission, providing support to those who wish to explore serving God overseas, as well as our missions family. Provide opportunities for short term service through missions teams.

Pastoral and Caring

Provides training and support for members of the congregation to care for one another. Seeks to support more vulnerable members of the congregation and ensure that our services are accessible to all.


Provides opportunities for the church family to get together.